Tuesday, February 05, 2008

29 Days of Lupe: Blacking Out

So "Dumb it Down" has a cousin? "Blackout" misses the boat, and the album, but somehow sounds like a precursor to the beautiful, thought provoking "Dumb it Down".

Lupe starts off wanting to fly because he doesn't feel good. We wants to be invincible ("unidentified") and mentions that others can join by asking God ("beam on up the enterprise"). Then he pushes foward his ego, and that of Chicago, by turning himself into a Cyclops. So he's got a crazy flow with the mattress on the wall hence he's on suicide watch. The verse propels foward by his enlightenment on growing up poor and not being able to afford a Pelle (remind him because he doesn't have a mind). Remembering when he was "on top like a mohawk" and then comparing the grind to "being bald like Robocop"? Didn't know hair similies/metaphors were on the rise.

On the second verse he's feeling good like a villan doing bad. The villan inside him decides to kill Superman. As if to show remorse, he asks "if that was mean, mean like dictionary, like a definition?" Damn, that is mean, 'like I never listen"!!! Lupe acknowledges his superiority and decides to teach us on listening to his def parts. "Break it in half like an intermission." "Keep rehearsing it until it's permanent." He speeds through claims of being an emperor, a cat, a wolf, and a poker player. He proceeds to elevate by doing hands stands. And Lupe politely waits until we catch up ("chasing the white rabbit").

The lights turn off on third verse. It "makes us go to sleep like Debo when he's choking Craig." Then I get super lost my damn self until he blows the candles out and pulls the plug. "Game over, blackout."

I'm glad this was just a bonus track off The Cool. I liked the beat but then I hated it. It suffered from being futuristic/tehcno-y. Lupe does blackout for the first two verses but the third stumbled, was thin and suffered from non-visual lyrics. Oh, well.



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