Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hoeing It

This is the heat that Fat Joe is waving in our face, "300"? "300" is so not brolic it reminds me of a Supersoaker. The beat is okay but damn is it like, a year late. Plus what army is behind Fat Joe? Is the Tremors Squad that untouchable that they shouldn't be effed with? Wrong. And what does this fat hoe even say on "300"? Nothing. He fails to mention anything of relative importantance. I can make gun sounds too "blam, blam"! We can all laugh at his title Elephant in the Room but after a while it's not funny anymore. Whatever song he has with J. Holiday is terrible and I haven't even heard the whole first verse. As for "Crackhouse", it's more in line with "300". I read somewhere that this album is geared towards a "Gangster Rap Classic". Okay, I've heard that before. I like the fact that he's going independent. And his last effort grew on me but my listenings stayed on the computer... meaning I never felt like actually listening to it. But just going the non coroporate way doesn't make for a good album. The most glaring reason I dislike The Don at this point is because I've grown up. Maybe when I was 17, "Lean Back"-ish cuts were cool or crack as a way of life was tolerable. Although Fat Joe's skills never grew either; he's exteremely ordinary.


At 12:07 PM, Blogger jammer said...

So who in the fu*k is Fat Hoe pissed off at the he would commit suicide on a piece of shit like that "300". Also why in the fu*k does he think rappin' 'bout crackhouses is hot for anyway? Does he think a "crackhead" (like the Dave Chappelle character) is goin' to go in to Best Buy and purchase a copy of the cd when he probably would rather spend his $20 on a "crackrock" in the "crackhouse"? It was one thing when Master P did it back in the early 90's with "Ghetto D" & his underground hit "time to check my crackhouse" on his "IceCreamMan", even though I don't listen to much of "P's" new shit. Fat Hoe need to go back to tha days of old when his shit fuc*kin' sold. That's all for now Bieotches!!!


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