Saturday, April 05, 2008

Watching Them Thangs!

Lupe Fiasco Matthew Santos Superstar Acoustic
Kumbaya my Lord, Kumba-motherfuckin-ya! I'd go to camp just for this, sit around a bon fire and hold hands. "Suuuuuu". And when I thought he couldn't carry this song anymore...

Lupe Fiasco Paris Tokyo @ Spring Break

Plies Who Hotter Than Me
Well, I can answer that question... Usually I don't like Plies. BUT these joints, when he exercises his ego and crushes all them "Hatas", me included, I can't help but toss this in the ride and let it play. Plies reminds me of Juvy with all this talk of temps rising. Half the time his speech is incoherent and it's not his drawl. Plies is literally giving us that dragon fiya. Juvy had no shirt in "Ha" too.. Digging that "GOON" chain!

Kanye West Homecoming
If this is homecoming, is Ye the Homecoming Queen with those Luis Rags? This video doesn't feel like a homecoming either, where's the procession. It feels more like Ye just dropped in to say hi. Why is Chris Martin a cut out? Damn, he wrecks this song! The black & white is an overused art form nowadays. Them mirrors was stupid! Where's Wendy at even if she wasn't necessarily literal?

Dizzee Rascal Bun B Where Da Gs
A funny song coming from an North Londoner. AND he came to H-Town!

The Camp Why


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