Thursday, May 01, 2008

Watching Them Thangs!

Busta Rhymes Don't Touch Me Now
Mmmm... my favorite song right now gets a video. It's a club song but where's da club? Like the throwback video or should I say the throwback clothes Busta be wearing. And Spliff & Busta jockeying for camera positions like Puffy & Mase--Yes!

ST da Squad Hennessy
I spy a black person in that Puerto Rican bar... Damn they're deep like a submarine (weezy*)... I couldn't stop cracking up at how short Term is. He's shorter than the bar, LOL!!!! And when chicks grind, they're practically putting their cracks in his face. The song is terrible btw, no wonder Term didn't jump on it. Peep the sauage to chick ratio too, it's got to be 15:1.

Saul Williams List of Demands
Heard of dude before... didn't know he was behind that Nike commercial.

Busta Rhymes Linkin Park We Made It
... That was me throwing up.

Shwayze Buzzin
I do watch TRL when I remember and I saw this yesterday. Pretty bad. Pretty catchy. On further inspection, this song is two years old. Damn it takes a long time to get a major's attention. Listening to Shwayze's MySpace, Damn they're terrible though. Where in the world would someone consciously listen to this shit?

Mickey Factz The Cool Kids Rockin N Rollin Remix

Buckshot 9th Wonder Formula

Alicia Keys Teenage Love
I must have remembered wrong b/c I thought this song was tight back in the fall. The video is a stupid riff of Spike Lee's School Daze... at least they jumped on the running dolly/track though to pay homage to Lee.