Monday, June 23, 2008

Take Your Anger Out On The Rim

Three hours. Drills galores and we didn't see him run killers. This is what it takes to be number 2? Damn. With the anticipation for the NBA Draft on Thursday I've def been saying since December that Beasley's a beast and should be number 1. I retracted my feelings when I saw Derrick Rose. Reason: the experts swooped in and claimed Beasley was/is lazy and sort of an asshole. I can see it, I guess. What bugs me about peeping this workout is the meaning of all these workouts/preps. I know a lot is at stake for teams drafting players, even with two "studs" with Beasley and Rose. But this shit looks massa-ish, and over the last few years I've felt this way with football and basketball especially. It's like Beasley and everyone else are cattle. All those dunks, don't we remember VC threw out his legs from doing that too much. "Be a beast, be a beast." That's on some gladiator type shit. "Take your anger out on the rim?" Really? Coach whatshisname said it without any authority, like it was a regular statement. I'm not trying to psychoanalyze this shit, well, I am, but it's if Beasley already knows he's a machine and he will take his anger out on the rim. Now, the statement may sound light but is it? Why should Beasley take his anger out on the rim? Shouldn't he just dunk if he see fits instead of putting so much negative feeling behind an action. Hearing Beasley's comments about his workout freak me out even more, in that he seems to accept these phrases. Or maybe I'm hyped because I saw Full Metal Jacket again last week and Coach sounds eerily, yet subtly (you know minus the cussing, bigotry & vulgarity), close to R. Lee Emery while Beasley reminds me of D'Onofrio's Gomer Pyle. Beasley probably is that stupid.


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