Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Mr. Me Too: The Time Waster

Rihanna was spotted out and about in NYC Wednesday night (sans Chris Brown) dining out at her favorite spot the Da Silvana restaurant in the West Village. She was spotted leaving the restaurant with BET personality Rocsi, dressed casually in jeans with a white sleeveless top/scarf combo.

After heading back and changing clothes, she came out in a very revealing black tank top and a Herve Leger bandage mini skirt in pink and silver. I could have sworn I saw her rock it in another color? Tianna?! lol…

LOL! RiRi and Rocsi are dating; they're lesbians. OMG! Chris Brown is going to be fuming mad he can't kiss on RiRi's forehead all night long (no Lionel Richie forehead pun intended). And then he'll shook and jive until Big Shug breaks his legs. aNd like, RiRi totally, like, wore that same women's KanYe scarf to like, the Country Music Awards, like when she was like, promoting her re-re-release of her last album.

I hate TMZ but I love
Concrete Loop.


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