Friday, August 15, 2008

The Cool Kid

Mikey rocks. I guess if having shark tattoos on your calf/shin/ankles (both legs) is rocking. Fuck hating on the Cool Kids; I'm just scratching my head out loud at Mikey. Shark tattoos? That ain't even hipster, Hip-Hop or Rock. That ain't even 80's. That's retarded. On to their supposed new single for When Fish Ride Bicycles "Pennies". Oh, shit they're going to spin "A Milli" and talk about lo-fi flyness. Way off. The beat was fine. What is Inglish talking about: the 80's Pistons; an Allen Houston reference (that's like the '95 Pistons!). Mikey stunk it up more than the feeble Inglish. His verse was on some back-packer shit, describing everything he did that morning. How many songs can you have about basement parties and loud music/disturbing the neighbors or, how many songs can you have saying nothing logical/relevant? Freeze. Check your ingredients before you overdose on The Cool Kids.

Pennies Live I What It Is/Pennies on Jimmy Kimmel


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