Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Excommunication

The time has come to strike down thee with great vengeance and furious anger… the papal response to such annoying figures in Rap: an excommunication. Yes, they get the swift boot—fuck a boot, lemme strap on my Bitch Kickers. I don’t know about you but I’m getting sick of hearing these people's names. I’ve been irritated to the point of banning them from my site, ears and speech. The cast of lepers are not a great revelation but I feel the need to get it outta my system. This will be the last time the following are talked about on this site and hopefully this strikes a chord and can stop the proliferation of more wackness.

50 Cent. I told you it wasn’t that big; you should feel this way too. I stopped liking him after his fallout with Game and the Massacre was not appetizing. With his beefs, industry takeover and the fact that he feels emotionless in every song, it is easy not to like him. But somehow G-Unit babies cannot get enough of him. And if the push backs on Curtis aren’t evidence enough of his dwindling career, his rumored reunion with Game takes the cake, although it prove to be false.

50’s ban will extend to G-Unit bottom feeders as well. No more Yayo—I don’t care if you’re curious
! I never liked Banks so whatev. Buck has never pissed me off and I’ve never disliked him. However, Buck the World was sub-par and his resurgent loyalty for G-Unit baffles me; hence he gets the axe too.

Lil Boosie. I didn’t mind him; he was always silly to me. Over the past few years, it was nice to see him get some success as I’ve followed him for through the years. Yet he had to go to Joc for “Zoom” and he then went to Foxx for “Wipe Me Down”. I didn’t mind “Wipe Me Down” at first until I saw the video. Since then, I’ve heard it damn near everywhere, again and again and again—it is a stupid ass dance song, if you can call it that! Youngins seem to look up to Boosie too. Some 13 year old kid in Indiana or Arizona is emulating Boosie. That’s not good. Boosie is the type of character who doesn’t give a fuck and is just a wild flower with nothing to ground him. I can picture Boosie being that kid in your 5th grade class yelling to the teacher, “You’s a bitch, Ms. An’erson!” and laughing it off. Unacceptable… where’s the dunce cap?

Mims. Where do I start?

Shop Boyz. I’d like to see where they are in 6 months.

Huey. After seeing a recent You Tube video of Huey’s camp arguing at a local St. Louis, and hearing jokes that Huey sold 900 copies within the his hometown, I felt bad for him… not.

I give second, third and even fourth chances to everybody. I will continue to keep an open mind, although as time goes on, my tastes and feelings are changing. There will be a point at which I’ll stop giving some folks a listen. These aforementioned artists were given chances. 50 and Boosie were given years; it wasn’t “This is Why I’m Hot” that did Mims in for me, it was “Like This”; “Rock Star” definitely did it for me as well as hearing “Totally Dude” and “Leanin”; and well, Huey was split decision.

Getting burned was one cause for the bans yet it’s not like I ever went ape shit over these individuals. It’s what pissed me off that made my decision. When I started this site, the intention of my daily links, Through the Sieve, was to get rid of the junk. That’s what it means, through the sieve, in cooking terms, is to strain material so you consume the good parts and leave the dregs and junk behind. That really never happened as I’m as likely as anyone to toss up pure haberdashery if it has a hook.

While I do not get pissed off often, there is some artists’ status that is in limbo. This status usually occurs from a debut album to a sophomore: Joc, Dro, and Slim Thug. I’m already looking towards Plies’ sophomore, as I’m sure I’ve heard most of his debut. But in Plies' case, as I listened today, his album was terrible. T.E.R.R.—you get the picture. So, I'll just ignore Plies altogher. Then there are artists that get held back in the mixtape game and sooner rather than later, if they do not improve or change their look, they may receive a ban: Papoose, Kiotti. Even Camron could get the boot. To me, his inactions over the past year would serve as the main cause, not his run in with Annnnnnnnnnderson! Don’t count out Weezy* either, because if he releases another mixtape full of “freestyles”…

Ultimately, very few artists will ever receive the ban; it takes a whole lot. And again, the artist’s music/news clips really have to rub me the wrong way. Trust me, seeing Bun in concert over a year ago completely cooled me on Bun’s worth. And case in point, Hot Mess: while he hasn’t pissed me completely off, I’d have to hear something extraordinary for me to utter his sorry ass again. Most likely though, I will begin to talk less of an artist and gradually not pay attention to him. The ban will stand pat and hold past this site, as I won’t listen to or talk about any of these artists again.


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