Monday, July 30, 2007

"Excuse me, was you sayin somethin?"

I think he has his money right... "more pink polos"

Last week was a slow one. Figures though because of the recent decency of personal mixtapes.

It may sound preachy but go get Skyzoo's
Corner Store Classic and Term's Hood Politics 5. Give them a few listens through and then give me a good reason on why it took you so long come to your senses.

I dropped that
Kiotti Spread over a week ago... anybody cop?

Many are heralding Chamillionaire's two new videos from Ultimate Victory a tally for positive and progressive Hip Hop. Agreed. While it was nice to see a rapper with the
cojones to speak out on Hip Hop, I'm still not feeling the Chamillitary Mane. It's not that he's wack but nothing about his raps excite me or tell me that I need to rep for him. Below is "Hip Hop Police"... here's "Evening News".

Heard that Sean Kingston is poppy as hell. I didn't even bother as I peeped the track listings. Unless you're 16 and a girl, I wouldn't go through the trouble.

Speaking about leaks: Plies and UGK are due. I've heard more than a dozen possible UGK tracks already and it's sounding good. Yet UGK stretched over a double disc won't produce anything extraordinary. As for Plies, his album most likely will be filled with older joints that have been floating around for a year plus.

I've slowed on Yung Wale. It's still a
good listen but dude jumps around too much and never sticks to a topic.

In case you didn't catch me mouth off on remixes, take 20 minutes to read
part one and part two. I didn't think I could get to six pages but damn those remixes irritate me. And they're still coming!!!

If you're a Project Pat fan, make sure to check out his
first solo tape from 1994. It's weird to hear him as a young cat on the come up. I guess it's nice to see him rapping about the same shit...

Decided to give this dude named
Big Lou a listen... two songs, two rewinds.

Pap, what did I say!?! It feels like he's coming through with another mixtape... "I Ain't Going Out Like That!" Who he think he is, Queen Latifah!

Crooked I's "Oh My God" wasn't amazing but "I use Hip Hop Weekly to come ill again and again, killing beats I'm as guilty as Simp."

That Chris Brown
Kiss Kiss snippet is boring.

Joc's "Play Ya Cards" is good background music. And that's a compliment. "Blah, blah, blah..." is more like it.

That Fallout Boy Remix is a good five minutes.

Damn 36 couldn't do it on their own, so they employ Game to sprout "Like Money". Wasn't this "
Money" a predictable topic, considering the last 36's last 18 months... "Just look at me dummy"

So Shaggy has to mimic Jay on "Umbrella", why didn't he stay a while?


At 5:36 PM, Blogger The Major said...

pap got capped!

At 5:36 PM, Blogger The Major said...

i forgot to mention, joc is master p ugly!

At 5:37 PM, Blogger The Major said...

enough commenting on my own posts... this week's tracks:
big lou rising to the top
bishop lamont caltroit
blood raw i made it
bossman im from the land of the o
crooked i oh my god (hh wk 17)
durty bo dean jiggolo make money
fallout boy & VA arms race remix
zoe, jeezy big boi, jody breeze rick ross block hood nigga rmx
kanye west jeezy cant tell me nothing official remix
papoose man of the year
rihanna shaggy umbrella remix
spark dawg question kyle lee dial tone remix
36 mafia game like money
young cash what you doing boy
yung joc play ya cards

At 5:43 PM, Blogger 1980 said...

chamillionaire is boring. i put him in the same category as ludacris, not bad but not really that good.


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