Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Saigon Strikes Again

With recent events, the streets aren’t safe with Saigon running rampant. After tussling with Prodigy a week ago. He then hopped on his bodyguard, as they both hot skiiiiirt-ed out of the club. Although Saigon and Prodigy may have had beef, people have been wondering if Saigon has just gone crazy and is targeting anyone at this point.

The chatter turned into reality Monday afternoon, as Just Blaze turned into his next victim. As it goes, Saigon called Just for a meeting and it quickly turned sour. The two have had beef, albeit on an internet blog, in the past and it is assumed this is another retalitory method used by Saigon. Saigon reported the breaking news this evening on
his blog:

I felt I been under appreciated as of late. I just read this book—yeah I read, punk motherfucka!—and it’s about like Eastern methods of letting out aggression. They said to achieve wellness one needs to let out your rage. So instead of taking a deep breathe, I decided to punch and drop kick the stress out. I mean, y’all seen me get at P with them two quick rights!?! And then my man dropped P the next second. When words fly, Saigitty comes hard.”

Now their wasn’t no videotape when I ran into Just becauze really, I mean really, if they wasn’t no internet thugs in the club the other night none of y’all or none of this would have blown up like it did. But… I go meet Just and me and him had our shit, you know, we aired our dirty laundry out. But I had to just vent a little more. Like I wasn’t satisfied with just keeping it under wraps through writing. I’m the Yard Fahter damnit!!!! I’m supposed to get ignorant in this fucking bitch!!!! So I did. Just came at me with a dap but I slapped him real hard and pushed him in the door, further into the studio over at Bass Line. I quickly bodyslammed like him Goldberg and he was pretty much out of it, the bitch was moaning and shit like ‘Sai! Sai! Sai!’ I like bitches screaming my name (no homo). Then he was squirming towards to phone on this mixing board and I was like ‘this bitch!’ So while he was reaching I got him on to sit on the table and I did this thing with my legs where I flipped him across the room with my legs attached to his head. Dude flew into a chair and was lying there done. Then I did this wrestling move on him I learnt in prison. They call it the Boston Crab or something like that but I twisted his legs until he tapped out! That was my time to dip but one of his dudes came in and I just waited behind the door and I hit him in the back of the knee. While he was on the floor, I put him in a sleeper hold. Dude was sleep in 8 seconds. And little did I know Nore's fat lip ass was in there the whole time hiding under the counter like a punk! So I went over toward him acting like I didn't know he was in there working with Just. And then I pulled him out from underneath and cold cocked him in his mug. Flipped him around and put his head in between my legs (no homo) and tossed him against the wall. N.O.R.E. is H.E.A.V.Y.! Loose some motherfuckin weight homie... Reggaeton did't kill you, you right Nore, Big Sized Snickers & Dorito's did!”

“In case you wanted a visual aid I got some youtube videos of what I did to Just and his dude. They pretty much dead on. AND TO ALL YOU SUCKAS OUT THERE: SAIGON WONT HESITATE TO GRAPPLE (NO HOMO).”

ALL VIDEOS from Saigon's MySpace

First I did the JackHammer

Flippin Bitches Sai style

Just got Blazed with a Boston Crab

NORE's Treatment... Sai's Edge (only once though)

The sleeper hold


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I cant wait to hear what the "megatron don" has to say about this when he goes cryin on his blogy boo! lmao


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