Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Las Drogas

Blame it on the drugs my friends. I finally viewed the vid after reluctance (because I really don't care what Weezy* does--and not that you cared Hdot). He just caught a felony, has had numerous run-ins with the Hip Hop Police and has severe attachment to that styro full of drank. Celebrities, er, Rappers throw hissy fits at times (okay a lot of the time: see Royce v Everyone). I suspect the surmounting E, cocaine, weed, time spent with Superhead and Xanex bars with the of mixture of drank, and whatever else Weezy* does, has taken its tole. Rappers have a great complex, that being that they're under the belief that they're the shit.

Weezy* catches a felony. His entourage or DJ gives him advice like "Yo, Weezy F, I know I'm not ya daddy but you gotta lay off that shit son. Gonna wreck ya features/career." Weezy* responds with a fuck you and a middle cuticle. Then he proceeds to publicly out him because he stepped to the KING. He reasons he can always replace a DJ.

Friends, cohorts act as a mirror; they should tell you what you're looking like and acting like. Maybe this is another chink in his armor. I read recently that Wayne's been hanging out with Zac Effron (see Disney's High School Musical) in his Miami mansion recording songs. Logic says Weezy* is making soon to be irreversible decisions. Recovering his image might not be possible... it's like 'release C3 and shut up', right?

As Weezy* would say:

"If you can't have that then you can't have life/Like an apple whole with no slice."


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