Thursday, January 24, 2008

When Will It End?

Maybe never... seriously. The South's hold probably won't end; they'll (labels) will always find some stupid shit to put on. There are very few newbies that warrant a listen nowadays but the old heads still get my attention.

weezy* carter 3
C3 will come... right? I've come to the conclusion, albeit the other day (while I was riding to Weezy*'s recent releases), that C3 will be exactly what he's been doing for the past 3 years. He'll have his respectful "MC" songs in line with "Gossip"; shitty Cash Money features (Yes, you Baby!); and all of this will be filled with his avid use of metaphors. If "Showtime" is supposed to be his lead single, I'm not that excited anymore. Is he going to seriously offer us "T-Pain" Wayne for money!?!

big boi/dre 3000/outkast
Anything from this entity will be enjoyed and savored. It's been way too long. Dre 3k could be the best out and while I preach artistic freedom, I'm hoping he veers more towards a Rap album than his last R&B-ish/ladies effort. As for Big Boi solo, I listen, just with not as much fervor. Now an Outkast album I'd really love to hear. Can they save us in the 4th quarter?

bun b 2 trill
I've always felt Bun, no question. Yet his skills hit the wall at a certain point, especially his solo work. I know every step he takes before he goes there--even though I still like it. "That's G" though is not so trill. The tandem of JR Rotem beat and SK on the hook don't vibe with me. I can ride to it but it's under the usual "been there, done that" category.

pimp c/ugk posthumous
C'mon, don't act like this ain't going to happen. I'll keep an open ear but like every other posthumous release, the authenticity is gone. It worked for Big L but he was light years ahead. Since we knew Pimp was grinding like mad, the rhymes might suffer too.

He' saying he's on a major and working on his debut so...

rich boy
He should be thinking about being back and hopefully he can offer more this time out than 6 good ass songs and a stronger album with his new found industry connects. But then again, maybe he should wait until ''09.

texas comeback (h-town)
It's been too long since I've heard some good Texas music, especially H-Town. Where is everyone? Slim Thug, Magno, Keke and I could go on. Do something please.

While I'm not waiting for him, he, with his status, should come correct for a some good songs. But like my friend pointed out to me the other day, "Will coke rap be acceptable in '08?"

I don't know his status or desire considering he doesn't need rap and he's Mr. Hollywood. He's one rapper I wished would have never gone big time. He can be so fucking ill at times but most other times he phones it in. He's one of a few rappers who has the skills/capacity to deliver a classic album but never has come close.

dj drama/southern djs
Can Southern DJs comeback? All of them suck. They just toss the same shit on tapes and they don't really look for/foster talent like mixtapes used to.


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