Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Left Coast

I should've said (minus Bay area). Not to say Hyphy is not tight but I still can't get down to it. So I look towards L.A. for '08. This looks like a killer year considering the West's bigger (and maybe only) acts are due as well as some debuts.

game diary of compton/lax (whatever it's called)
As much as I disregard Game's intricacies, I do look forward to hearing decent raps attached to good beats. Add to the fact that he has improved over his albums and it should mean quality. With this being his last album, supposedly (remember Game is a fragile-minded person), I don't think it will help the quality and in fact it may hurt it with too many expectations.

snoop ego trippin
Another vet who has that knack for singles as his albums still gain rotation from me. With Ego Trippin without features, we'll see how (and if) Snoop can stand on his own. Being that he isn't an MC's MC, and more of a party starter, it could turn out ugly yet I think he'll give us enough.

ice cube raw footage
Doesn't he sound crabby or naggy on "G Rap Made Me"? He could show up in our wise Rap grandfather mode or he could spit expletives until they become conjunctions? I'll peep it for the audacity and freedom he's been able to obtain but I won't put it on a pedestal.

dr dre detox
Even if this does come out I won't get my pussy hairs in a knot. Raise your hands if you also think Dre is overrated. Four people, thanks.

murs murs for president
He's been gone for a minute but he should be able to easily entertain us on the independent level.

bishop lamont reformation
At one time I was so geeked about Bishop. I still am but I don't know which Bish will show up: the socio-political, structured Bishop or the West Coast P-Funk "I'm making a girly record" Bishop. Since last summer, the material I've heard from dude has been fairly weak.

crooked i
I could say he will be a beast with 43 phat songs over the last year... but I haven't heard him on a real beat or singing a real, constructed song yet. I've got the faith yet I got to hear before I believe. Crook is definitely TBD.

When I first heard of him, his flow/voice was a huge plus. Although I've only heard 3 or 4 songs in which he's alone, he has a lot of work to do: he's not that lyrical and his content is there at points but he doesn't construct his bars correctly. It's like if you supposed to be G-Rap or Pop-Rap then be it; if you're trying to be different, be it.


At 2:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

crooked i has dope tracks, and is the most anticipated album on my list if it ever drops. yay area stand up. ya boy and messy marv been droppin heat, if the team drop u know that album'll slap.


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