Wednesday, February 20, 2008

29 Days of Lupe Fiasco: Press Record

I felt compelled to run tell that about Lupe’s trajectory rhymes on “Twilight Zone” off FNF Part 1: The Truth is Among Us. Lupe’s done been sick; it’s not as if he just became a beast with his legit albums. What’s so ill about the raps is that he pushes the ball, giving it momentum and it goes here and there enlightening us at every step of the way—every few bars is something different and even tighter.

Get the full lyrics
here (and I’ll get you the links shortly). He starts off so quick with ,“My mindstate rewinds wakes/And fast-forwards bullets makin'a B-line for my face” that I yelp to myself, seeing that bullet in my grill. He pushes forward, taping these actions: “Whats recorded in my dome gets reported when I zone/My mouth is a speaker I'm anchoring the misery.” This line reverses the ideal, “Jesus pieces walk around with niggas hangin from they necks.” If that isn’t an odd yet tight mental picture, I don’t know what is. He twists a lot of things around in this song, or gives them a hilarious, albeit true, ring like an obitchurary of a bullet proof vest. Then he reveals this set of horrible truths by personification concerning Air Forces, rims, jerseys and BET/MTV/CNN/Clear Channel. Jersey’s ethnic cleansing? So those Mitchell & Ness’ are getting their inner Slobodan Milocovich on!?! When Lupe’s instruments take on voices, you picture Hi-Hats snitching (Cuuurrtis!) while the MP3’s are involved over a turf war. Liquors and purses speak too… “But Gucci told Fendi and Fendi turned around and told Henny/And Henny is Moets baby's father.” If this isn’t a diss to all these artists nowadays, “A Hundred dollar bill just signed a record deal/but blew all his money on the Braceletes.” Lupe killed me with his tobacco characters acting like hoodlums—but it’s true in the sense that tobacco creeps and kills. OMG! My last favorite part is when he lets us know the clothing market scene, “I just seen Rocawear rock Sean John to sleep.”

Why didn’t I know Lupe ripped Nas’ beat before he did (sort of being that it's Theif's Theme)? Damn, Lupe’s so smooth on this track. The flawless way he keeps on giving us poignant material is amazing. He gives all these objects life and let them interact with each other. I can’t get all these pictures out of my head! Someone better be sure to press record whenever Lupe twilight zones.


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