Tuesday, February 26, 2008

29 Days of Lupe Fiasco: Fiasco v Murda

Remember that I was a hater until I gave Lu a listen. Okay, so I asked, er, challenged my good friend, Wes, to a trade off: I'd listen to one of his favorite artists and he'd listen to mine. While he had to deal with Lupe, I had dealt with none other than East New York himself, Unlce Murda.

My friend Wes lives by that East Coast grime. To say he injects it daily is an understatement. I was taken aback last summer when he'd been a fan of Uncle Murda before his Papoose beefs and "Bullet, Bullet" dance because he understands what good rap music is when he hears it. You still perplex me Wes! He champions all things D-Block, Mobb Deep and usually be on any Big Mike hangers-on. I think I've pinpointed why he likes this music: he likes that shoot em up, bang bang talk. Simple and plain. I've mentioned Lupe to him before and it's like a brick wall. The complaint I heard most often is--paraphrased, of course--""Kick, Push" is wack. Fuck skateboards and that 'oh, look at me, I'm speaking for my people. Respect me. Bullshit!'" Y'all know me by now so you can tell why I flinched at ever heeding anything Uncle Murda ever says. I've only heard like 3 songs from Murda though. So me and Wes are in the same box: we like what we like and dislike things we may know nothing about.

I equipped Wes with Lupe's The Cool. It was like I met a new person the next time I saw him. I've never seen him talk about anything unless it's gutter. He admitted that Lupe was real good. His lyrical prowess was very much on point. He said he could understand why people like him so much and respect him for his views. The amount of knowledge on the mic was noted and a huge plus. While he said he wouldn't become a Lupe lover tomorrow, or spread Cool pamphlets, he'd be willing to listen to Lupe in the future--on his own. It wasn't like an "I told you so" with me and him but he was glad he finally did listen to Lupe.

He tossed me Uncle Murda's Say Uncle mixtape. He also stated that he felt sorrier for me because I had to "endure" Uncle Murdaisms (which is a paradox--see my bias is already coming through). Yeah, tell me about it, I'm listening to Murda during finals/test out week and I do not recommend it!!! What I knew about Murda: he's all gun talk and killing fools. I found out that my hypothesis was right. All he does is yell "East New York" but me likey. He's sure to jab, stab, stomp the police (and whatever else is in his power) in every verse. His expressions are pathetically elementary. I'm not saying that to be an asshole but it's evident how literal he is and how weak his vocab is. He only has two different weapon and drug names. Ultimately when I look for East Coast grime, I go towards those who can relate actual stories and be somewhat lyrical. I could ride to a few songs on here but some songs definitely give you a headache for real. Why the U.S. doesn't use Uncle Murda music as torture, I don't know. I'd only say 'Aunt'. For as much as I could slam Murda for there are a few tendecies I'll give him. He don't give a fuck (even if he really is just a predicate felon). He strays from using quick metaphors and similies--which every bad rapper over uses. And he plays his part perfectly--I believe him most of the time. But he isn't a gangsta rapper to me at all, he's a murderer rapper. I'm fucking scared of him after listening to this tape. It's not his ruthlessness so much as his unpredictable, if irrational, attitude that strikes fear in me. I can understand why people like him at the same time I still can't. Over 10 Murda songs, don't you go crazy and want to kill someone... ah, maybe that's the point?

The challenge was a learning experience: we can change (no Obama). Most haters have never actually listened to the thing they hate on. It's important not to be vengful against haters. Haters need to be persuaded intrinsically rather than being pressured from outside sources. I know I was looked at with shaking heads when my friends continually told me to listen to Lupe. I didn't and I commenced to hate. It wasn't until I kept hearing it from other places, other people. In fact, two viewers of this blog e-mailed me and told me to give Lupe a listen. If they felt compelled to tell a stranger to listen to Lupe, then there must be something to this dude. Sure enough I was in the wrong. And it wasn't until I decided to hear Lupe out that I saw the light. Challenge yourselves and especially your friends. Be an asshole (you're actually being a good friend--friends don't let best friends listen to Uncle Murda) and always bring up Lupe or any other different, good music for the benefit of humanity.


At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL na dudes in tha hood dont listen to LUPE ! they listen to UNLE MURDA MR.EAST NEW YORK !! BUT ATLEast u tried cant hate u 4 that


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