Friday, February 01, 2008

29 Days of Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco: Geeky-twerpish looking cat donning spectales and Japenese clogs (or whatever those are) who spits such heavy lyrical content that it may make feeble listeners' mind explode with confusion and an inability to cope with daily activities. 29 days are in February. That = 29 blog posts about Lupe Fiasco. Get it. Each day there'll be something new to read. Agree or disagree... please do.

Hi. My name is Marc and I am a hater. I've been hater free of Lupe for a little over a year because before that--man I hated Lupe and for what reason I do not know. I think it was the skateboards (and I still don't like him for that). And I had this notion that he was this uber conscious dude spreading love, love & peace (no Common) and unity. Oddly enough he is doing that but it's not sugar coated. I was quite vehement in my dislike for him as well. It's not like I disregarded positive comments about Lupe but rather I argued against that and sought to destroy the image of Lupe in the other person's mind. Remember though, like every hater I had never even given Lupe an actual listen. I assumed things and judged him. I've been kicking myself in the arse ever since for having such a large lapse in logical thinking.

Now? I love Lupe. He is the best rapper alive (BRA) as of right now, 2/2008. Through my hateration, I appreciate what Lupe has to offer so much more than other casual fans. So I intend to spread the word about Lupe because we all know that for as many fans of Lupe there are an equal number of haters still out there hating for no reason, hence the 29 days of Lupe Fiasco. Trust me, you can change and I am a living example. I went to rocking Dipset gear and championing Camron to having a trained ear for MC-ish Rap music. I am here to convert, er, present Lupe in a different matter. Unclog your ears, pull up your 49$ Red Monkeys from the mixtape shop, put down your ratchets and be prepared to change your favorite rapper.


At 4:25 AM, Anonymous hdot said...

I never had a problem with Lupe, so it's whatever.

Here's a melody remix by some DJ... you can DL the mp3 from the description on the video if you want. Nothing special, just thought I'd post it since this is apparently Lupe month lol.

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous ICE said...

I'm ready to see what you say about the rapper I always loved and the one you used to hate...



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