Sunday, February 03, 2008

Mydus Cold Brew Volume 1

Consistancy is a revered quality. And smoothness is like a God sent. So when Mydus gave me a heads up on his new remix tape I was more than willing to sit back, relax and just kick it. Because that's the mood he's been able to create through the two tapes of his I've listened. This won't get me hyped up on some "Ra! Ra!" shit but rather it lets me find a comfy spot to loosen the mind of all worries.

I could just as easily listen to Mydus' Jay-Z "Feelin It" remix as I could the original. I'll admit I'm not a Nas fiend but the way the "You Know My Style" beat goes with the song is fucking ill (excuse the language)! The live band/jazz-ish "inner city" tinge that taints Nas' "Made You Look"... I can get with. I didn't mind the "Classic" mix but it didn't smash the original out of my mind. The propelling beat on "What We Do" grew on me. Ditto with Biggie's "Can I Get Wit Ya", although Biggie over most anything could be tolerated--but that's just me. Cassidy's "B-Boy Stance" really works but I'm so damn attached to Swizzy's that it's hard to leave the original behind. With Mydus' selections, I got the chance to peep some unfamiliar heads as with Ali Vegas, Slum Village, Inspectah Deck and Havoc (I'm a P fan myself). It made it easier to get through the lyrics too and hell, I might just give Ali Vegas a listen too. His "Feels Like a King" is one of my favorites--the beat matches Ali's content, flow and raises it. The selections vary and aren't bogged down by "been there, done that" type content (i.e. guns & crackspots).

The one thing I'm still looking, er, hearing for is when Mydus is able to make me change my stance on an original track that's near and dear to me because we all know he can make average songs listenable--and even tight. But then again, the thing I most appreciate about his work is how he keeps the mood of the beats, and songs as a whole, tight knit. I say this in a good way: Cold Brew 1 is perfect for your iPod and riding public transit. It's like amongst all the grimey cats, and McDonald's wrappers, around you, you can melt away your apprehensions with a trip to an East Coast state of mind.

Mydus Cold Brew Volume 1


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