Friday, February 01, 2008

It's Saturday, it's Saturday

kidz in the hall drivin down the block
"Just swervin mane/ drivin down the block/ Low End Theory tape in/ bass crazy kickin it." This shit screams summer time jam. If only I could roll down my windows... (it's -10 here in Minneapolis, so I can't). I wished Naelege dropped another verse or had some more to say because he was quite vauge. But I'll take it. Plus, here's to hoping some people learn of the Kidz through this simplistic, Southern knock off banger. I can already hear Pusha on the remix!

cool kids action figure
I forget their names but if Mickey is the one that raps, he's plays tricks on this songs. Quick and easy punchlines about death "being buried under the hood like transmission", paranoia "it's hard to disregard like one eye closed" and expections "t-bones on top shlef, the steaks is high" are mixed socio-political content. And the action figure tie in is ill.

motive & apathy
I've never heard of Motive but he's alright, he provided some rhymes. Apathy doesn't say anything revolutionary but he's just funny: "get insurance on my mic before i burn it down... the opposite of a tooth fairy because i hand you your teeth... then i channel bruce lee and put my hands thru your ribs... super human with a big fuck you on my chest/ you a bum doo doo breath and a fubu vest."

bun b sean kingston thats gangster
I've said my 2 cents before but peep Bun's time tested rationale "A real gangsta, more than a 7 letter word, a gangsta aint ya clothes, a gangsta aint ya hat, ya watch, ring and chain, no..."

fab nickel lupe genius
A nobody to me but along with the beat, Fab Nickel's "Genius" provides almost 5 minutes of some smooth flow and content. "I'm the tutor for ya MC's tumor."

rick ross brisco gunplay weezy* pill poppin animal
Well of course the track is missing Weezy* and I know it's old (I just kind of stumbled on it again after a few months). This track is remeniscent of some '95 Pac riding music but what Ross and Brisco have to say is a sign of the times: they've got nothing to say.

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