Saturday, April 05, 2008


The Carter 3 will be Shakespearean; everything will die. The last vestige of sanity, respect and dignity will officially be thrown out the window. The ideal Lil' Wayne we've always dreamed of will implode and turn into room temperature red Jello. The image of him upon a throne, acting as if he were king, will be shattered.

"At last!"

Maybe it's not as dramatic of an event for you. I've been over him for more than a year myself. May 13th, legally, will be the day Lil' Wayne becomes NOT The Best Rapper Alive. It's been quite apparent to those of us in the know, of what rap music is, that Lil' Wayne never fit his free-pass as "Best Rapper Alive" last year. Years ago when he'd set his mixtape lifestyle into motion, I dreamed of the day C3 would come and it would solidify him in history as one to respect. Not so these days. Blame it on the drink, his college educated similies or his Tupac-in-the-studio regimen, one thing's for certain: Wayne will never be the same. The novelty has worn off. C3 will be filled with singles, girl-centric singles (i.e. club joints), ryder music and smoke music. Inbetween he'll add the T-Pain Wayne, the Reggae Wayne, the deploarable illiterate Wayne and he'll sprinkle his "MC" qualities for good measure. I've come to the acceptance stage. I understand who Wayne is and will be so I'm not expecting him to dumb out on C3. I know he's polarizing too; some will call him king others a jester. That's okay because I've reached my conclusion. I'm sure I'll like it but it won't be a classic or even that good. The only thing I can expect is that his beat selection will be bomb. I'm not against the dude, hell, I still listen, and like, most of his material. I'd just like to see the Lil' Wayne rollercoster ride to begin to hit down turn and simmer for a while.

Remember, this is what he is.

With that said, "Lollipop" and "A Millie" have been getting repeats in the ride all day, every day. They aren't what one would classify as fiya but for the moment, and this summer, they will get me by. I can get down to "Lollipop" on it's sheer goofiness. I've welcomed that addictive hook with open arms "L-l-l-l-l-lick me like a lollipop" as well as his random bridges. However it's not a beast. It lacks originality hence the T-Pain jack and then how are "bottles in the club" a spectale nowadays; I've got bottles on my bike, shit! Make sure you cop the Chopped and Screwed version below as it's gives you Wayne's real experience. As for "A Millie" the simplistic beat is a gift and a curse. It allowed him a chance to kill the beat with his version of Southern lyricism. But besides the loop and the bass, it can get old fast. I thought he came on the first verse "Tell the coppers hahahaha you cant catch em" and it is "tougher than Nigerian hair" but reverts to a being a Alzheimer's patient on the third verse as it lacks structure. It's too slow and random, as if he was spitting a line and making a b-line towards another punch line. Too bad Cory Gunz will be left out of the final version; his flow made the song even stronger. The song could have hit an unforeseeable home run. Is it me or do y'all just been blurting "A Millie" at times during a day?

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At 11:37 AM, Blogger The Major said...

nike boots remix
get it on wit ya (main event)
mjb weezy* swizzy just fine remix
natasha bedingfield sean kingston weezy* love like this remix
jay rock weezy* doin bad (all my life)
its killin me
done it
stunt when i see you
chalk it out (brisco)
posted up (brisco)
lollipop (c&s)
a millie


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