Sunday, February 03, 2008

29 Days of Lupe: New Year's Resolutions

I never make New Year's resolutions because they're quite pointless. But ending the year listening to Lupe's Cool, I couldn't help put ponder a few possibilities. Two of the three thoughts are based on Lu's message. The other? Well, as I've described before, I do live in a cold ass city. So!?! So... I set a resolution of not showing up to places looking like Ghostface, you know rocking like 5 layers of clothing. I haven't been able to do that yet though... I gotta have my thermal/long sleeves, hoodie and down coat!

The first and most important resolution is to not take Lupe's message so literally. Since he's presented all things cool to be un-cool, I've heeded his advice and stopped thugging in soldiarity. *Laughs* For real though since it's dropped I've questioned myself when I obilge in cool activities. I ask myself: 'self, is this cool?' And if it is, then I abstain. Hmmm, that means I've kept the drinking to a minimum, been rocking hand-me downs, left my trusty dime bag business to my white friend and enrolled in a vocational school. Lupe would be so proud! Imma be a mechanic, you dig! Sarcasm aside, Lu's message has made me second guess some things I do. I've always kept my shit under wraps--I wasn't going down the "wrong" path. But he made me feel bad for copping a 5950 or what have you. I feel like a miser or an old grandpa choosing not to do something just because it's cool or an accepted practice and Lu told me it's un-cool. I'm a fucking gripe now. Even though I haven't taken his cool message completely to heart, it has gotten to me; it won't go away. Alas, I think I'll always do something that's sheepish and follow the cool.

The other resolution is to pour champagne on a bitch. Seriously. I'm hoping to do this sometime this year. I was going to do it when the ball dropped but I was kind of late and missed my opportunity. Not to be alpha male-ish but c'mon, there's always some chick acting crazy when you're out that you'd just like to waste a bottle of champagne on her by pouring it all over her dancing bod, right? Some chicks deserve degrading. I might go so far as to comment that some women would greet the degradation with a smile and continue grinding even more random dudes. And not even to make a point, it'd be fucking hilarious. Do I have the balls to actually do this? Hell no because I don't want my ass kicked. But I can run... feet don't fail me now!


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