Friday, April 11, 2008


There's been so much shit to sift through, and never enough time, I feel so fucking behind. In the process of giving some music spins, I always end up compromising and dropping half the joints. Back in January we had the yearly Flu Season with the release of old heads... I only listened to one song off the Big Noyd; Torae had like two tracks I can recall; eMC was more than solid but I can't find the time to listen to it again; and I didn't care to hear Kool G Rap. Fab's tape was a return to regualrity and held me over for a few weeks. I can't remember that Clipse tape at all. I picked up that Pac Division, Mickey Factz, Dizzee Rascal and Adam Tensta and they've totaled zero listens. I've rocked to the Kidz In the Hall tape quite a few times. After a few tracks, I turned Crook's Valentine's Day shit off quickly! Fat Joe was a waste of time... he had like 12 good bars!?! I couldn't finish Ricky Ross' shit, that flow is annoying. Snoop had a few tracks that were worthy but that CD had a week run in the ride but who knows where that CDR is at now. I still intend to give Blu & Exile and Gnarls Barkley a spin; they're sitting on my shelf collecting dust. Ditto for Guilty Simpson and Tanya Morgan. Term and the squad held me over, thanks. Is it a shame that I've already moved on from AZ's Undeniable? MC's regressing, huh? And now I copped Little Vic's Each Dawn I Die, when am I going to find the time?

And those are the tapes/albums. As always singles/misc. songs find their way in the ride weekly to keep me content but feel the need to still respect the album format. I'll hate the day when the iPod/streams rule the world (aren't we there yet?).

Add my other musical tastes (Moby's Last Night
, MGMT, Cat Power et al.) and there isn't much time to impress.

Post's have been spare since the Lupe month. Hopefully by May I'll be more into it. I'd say Coming Soon but it may take another few weeks to offer my two cents on these cats: Kidz in the Hall, Cool Kids, Joe Budden, Mally, Houston and yes, Head ICE.


At 2:51 AM, Blogger El A in the D said...

I feel the same. Classic was classic back in the day. Now transformational artist (l. hill, dilla) are few and far between. Keep listening and keep hoping to be moved.

At 1:47 PM, Blogger The Major said...

yeah... w/ the state of music and drowning careers of those who'd we thought would have been beasts (i.e. papoose, joell ortiz etc), things don't look so good.


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